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Martin Mant: Seeing is believing

Posted on: June 21, 2009

21/06/09 Morning Sermon


1 Response to "Martin Mant: Seeing is believing"

some times i close my eyes and when i am very tierd, i have visions of big blue eyes, and wormth all over me like a great big hug. some times birds come and sit right near me and i ask god if its from him and i get a big yes and comfort in my heart. this hapens alot and from cats too, just at the moment when i questern god to why i am hear.
i do believe in duble blessings as i have had this through my life at times of need. near death experiences. through my childhod. and with my ex. latley money then connor getting better, then a new flat in one day in one time. just by giving up my fight, and letting god jump in and take over. when people give all they have to god in every way no doubt your’ll have experiences of doubble blessings from god because you,ve comitted your whole life and body and all to him. you are a child of god and thats that. no turning back just keep going forward and you will see god when its time. but yes to dubble blessings. jesus is the alpha and omega the beging and the end

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  • None
  • Emily: Absolutely Fantastic! Thank you...did me good!
  • Pancho: This is a quality motivating talk - exposes where we ought to draw our values toward work from, were we can sometimes go wrong and get distracted and
  • sally gaffney: I really enjoyed your sermon, however i had to stop listening after you said that you don't know why that God heals sometimes and not at other times.
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